WYD Drop List

I am willing to put together a list of the most sought after items in the game with everyone’s help.  I will begin first with the Snow Field and Desert Dungeon areas, but as more people leave me mobs I will add other sections.

Iron Taron

Region Pants (Medium)

Templess Pants (Low)

Talon of Dragon (Low)

Adamant Taron

Eternal Force (High)

Amber Gem Staff (High)

Victory’s Spear (Medium)

Raven Boots (Medium)

Gigantic Crasher (Low)


Mantrap Ore (Medium)

Bhopal (Medium)

Slayer Helmet (Medium)

Region Cap (Medium)

Templess Helmet (Medium)

Raven (Medium)

Eternity Ankh (Medium)

Slayer Hammer (Medium)

Radian Blade (Low)

Genesis Shade (Low)


Agmo Elf


Undead Troll Chief [Chance of dropping perfect option boots]

Gold Curve Web Boots (High)

Meta Elemental Boots (Medium)

Mithril Robe Boots (Medium)

Golden Embossed Boots (Medium)

Lightning Spear (Medium) [Throwing]

A Guard’s Emblem (Medium)

Repletion D (Low)

Ice Protector (Low)

Hell Spider

Bone Spirit Breast Plate Le (Medium)

Field Combat Breast Le (Medium)

Shell Robe Tunic Le (Medium)

Golden Plate Breastplate Le (Medium)

Mithril Robe Tunic (Medium)

Gold Curve Web Breast (Medium)

Golden Embossed Breastplate (Medium)

Meta Elemental Breastplate (Medium)

Iron Taron


Guardian Bow

Water Elemental

Nature Boots (High)

Ori Scrap (High)

A Guard’s Emblem (Medium)

Nature Brace (Medium)

Diamond (Low)

Gram (Low)

Molochs [Wise Man Stone drops so often, not worth hunting these mobs anymore]

Wise Man Stone (High)

A Guard’s Emblem (Medium)

Coral (Low)

Mana’s Earing (Low)

Eternity Ankh (Low)

Gold Curve Web Boots (Low)


~ by kakorate18 on February 1, 2011.

2 Responses to “WYD Drop List”

  1. where can i hunt fenrrir essence?

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