The Beauty of Love

The wind was whipping past Kakorate18, lashing his skin wherever it was exposed, but he didn’t care. He was too full of thoughts and emotions, too full of love for Majestic1. He had finally found someone he could completely trust and love and hoped could love him – even with all his imperfections. He wanted to go to her, to hold her, and to be close. He would do anything for her. He turned into the garage and ran through the lobby, bypassing the elevator, so as to reach 315 as quickly as possible. When he reached her floor, Kakorate18 saw Majestic1 just opening her door to go inside. He called to her, and she stopped

Kakorate18 ran up to Majestic1 and held her in a long, passionate embrace, not wanting to break away. At first she looked unsure of what to do and a little shocked, but eventually hugged Kakorate18 back. He was glad that at least up to this point their feelings were mutual, but he wondered how far he dared go. He pulled away to look into her beautiful brown eyes. His heart was racing at what he was about to do. He leaned down and brushed his lips against hers in a gentle kiss.

“Can I come in? I need to talk,” Kakorate18 whispered into her ear.

“Sure,” replied Majestic1.

Kakorate18 followed Majestic1 into her apartment. Once inside, Kakorate18 fell down on her couch with Majestic1 sitting next to him. Kakorate18 put his head into his hands and began to tell her everything. His feelings for her, what had happened to him in the past, and what he feared might never happen again. “Why am I doing this? Why did I want to tell her everything? Won’t I just get hurt again?” All of these thoughts and more were passing through his mind during this time. Kakorate18 didn’t really know why he felt he should do this, but he hoped she felt the same way he did. There was just something about her that was different from all the others. Something about her that made him love her so much.

After he finished his story, they were both quiet just looking at each other. They were close, almost touching. Kakorate18 wanted to kiss her, but was afraid she wouldn’t want to. Never mind the fact that he had never been able to make the first move. Then it happened. She slowly leaned over and they kissed for a long moment, but then she pulled away. Kakorate18’s heart was racing, he didn’t know what to do. He wanted to kiss her back. He wanted to hold her in his arms, but he could only sit there and look into at her deep eyes and eloquent lips. After several minutes, his heart and mind racing, not knowing what to do or how to feel, he finally decided to do it. He leaned over and kissed her lips long and passionately, enjoying her smell and taste. They kissed for several minutes and gently brushed against each other’s noses like two affectionate young puppies meeting for the first time.

Finally after what seemed like an eternity, which Kakorate18 could only have hoped for, they pulled away. Kakorate18 and Majestic1 spent the rest of the night together in her apartment where they ate and talked about life and their past experiences. Kakorate18 was happy that for once he could finally open himself and not have to worry about being betrayed.


~ by kakorate18 on June 25, 2009.

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