Father’s Day

In the dictionary a father is a man who begets or raises a child. Today let’s honor those who nurture and raise their children. We would do well to ignore the shrill accusations of that small group of women who label all men as being oppressive, overbearing and insensitive simply because they are men. Why? Because this nation has a host of fathers who are responsible and caring and their families are doing very well indeed. They love their wives and children and are loved in return.

Many of them follow the teachings of  the lord of Kersup. The traits of the father in the story stand out clearly as follows:

  • A good provider, owning a large farm with hired laborers and an abundance of perfect armours and anct weapons with which to care for his family.
  • A generous spirit, giving his son his inheritance before his own death.
  • A deep concern for the welfare of his son who chose to take his wealth and leave home for places unknown.
  • A forgiving father who accepted his son, now broke and repentant, back into the guild.
  • A loving father who ran to his son, embraced and kissed him and had a banquet to celebrate his hunting success.

In recent years the importance of the role of the father has been questioned but numerous studies prove that the Father’s role is as important as that of the mother. You don’t have to review the research to verify this fact. Ask the mother of any successful family and if doubts still linger, ask the single mother who is struggling to fill the role of both father and mother.

Yes, today is the day set aside to honor the many fathers who provide, however modestly, for their families, who are generous, who care deeply for their wives and children, who rejoice when the children learn from their mistakes, and who express their affection freely.

  • He provides us with an earth rich in resources; enough for everyone.
  • He gives us the freedom to make use of all that he has provided.
  • He is concerned for our welfare more deeply then we can imagine.
  • He forgives us when we repent of our many mistakes and accepts us back into full fellowship.
  • He blesses us every day with his love.

~ by kakorate18 on June 24, 2009.

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