WYD History

Chapter 1 – Age of Glory

As soon as God was finished creating Heaven and Earth, the first inhabitants of the new lands began to populate the region. God also appointed several angels to help them build the foundations of their civilization. These pioneers were given dominion over the lands and enjoyed the blessing and protection of the Seraphim from all threats and dangers.  A great blossoming in their political and economic system along with other advances in science, art, and religion paved the way for what become known as the “Age of Glory”. This era saw technology and theology working hand in hand while the sacred practice of both arcane and natural forms of magic was left to a chosen few.

It was in this time that the heavenly gods gave upon onto the people the tile of God.  It is important to note however that this title was limited to only the greatest and most noblest of warriors and they were messengers to God on how things were going in their world.  For the Seraphs, also known as GM’s to the mortals, had many things to which they must attend to, having darkness kreaping just around the corner.  Unfortunately the Gods started to abuse their power towards the end of the “Age of Glory”.  After 400 years, the continent grew restless once again.  Harden and Nesses were gathering strength and numbers to form their final assault on the citizens of the world in an effort to finally throw the world into complete darkness and despair.  As such the gods were calling more and more GM’s to defend the final bastion against these evil monsters.


Chapter 2 – Great Heavenly War

For a long time, man lived under a seemingly utopian world. They prosper and multiplied while never failing to praise and worship their heavenly provider. Yet, this “Age of Glory” would soon be shattered by the growing envy and blind ambition of a mighty Seraph called Harden. He began to spread lies and intrigues about the mortals. He was convinced that they were weak beings unworthy of God’s love and providence.  This raging conviction drew others into his cause and their collective hatred soon spilled into a full-scale rebellion against God. The “Great Heavenly War” was about to begin…

It came to the point where GM Helius, the strongest of all the GM’s, was the only one left defending the mortal kingdoms of Hekalotia and Akeronia.  Even though Helius had the power and strength to defend the people from the evil forces of Harden, she did not have the power to be in every place at once.  Whether it be helping the citizens of the world or trying to defend the towns from multiple attacks, she was getting tired.  So the gods took pity on her and gave her the power to choose four brave warriors to assist her in the final preparations for the warriors of the world.  These were the warriors of history.  The Huntress, Transknight, Beastmaster, and Foema.  These warriors were the strongest the gods could muster with much of their traditional allies siding with Harden. The gods having bestowed some of the strongest heavenly weapons upon GM Helius sent her to defeat a new menace threatening the world.  This evil presence was known as the hyper monster, a monster sent by Harden to destroy civilization as they knew it. They arrived at the hyper-monster’s dungeon with death and decay at the door…countless warriors lay slain just outside the dungeon entrance. When they entered they were immediately assaulted by Harden’s evil powers…their immortality stripped away.  With the hyper-monster looming just around the corner, they knew that they would not be able to defeat this insidious monster by themselves without the help of their immortality, even with the favoritism showed on them by the gods.  So they left and began to assemble the strongest warriors of the world to help them in their final assault upon the hyper-monster.  So every week, the battle to slay the hyper-monster begins again…


Chapter 3 – The Attack on Armia

The Great Heavenly War soon turned into a bloody and bitter feud with neither side getting a clear-cut advantage. Hope soon arrived for the loyalists when the Archangel Kafma led a decisive charge that finally turned the tide of battle to their side. The rebellious Seraphs were routed and expelled from Hekhaloth but Harden was able to escape towards earth. During the last campaigns, a fateful development was transpiring below. The essences of dead angels were falling into the earth and were entering the bodies of numerous infants . These newborns were able to acquire the power of the Seraphs and soon grew to positions of power and distinction. Emboldened with magical powers and skills, they urged for an escalation in the war against the heavens. Nesses, a magician from the Kingdom Koren began to ally himself with Harden and their unholy union saw the birth of a terrible abomination called the Hyper-Monster, a deadly combination of some of the strongest creatures known to man. With the Hyper-Monster in two, the duo proceeded to attack Armia and began to sack the last bastion of God’s faithful on earth. The remaining warriors and angels were rendered helpless against the onslaught of Koren, Harden and the Hyper-Monster.

The Transknight who in his own words, “I am the most talented, sophisticated and exceptional right hand of the Divine Angels of WYD and also the messenger of the Great Scholar’s of Khersup.” He would do whatever he could to help his fellow citizens in the struggle to become the best.  After all he had once been a part of them and so he wanted to do everything in his power to make sure they remained happy. Even if that means giving away his stash of ancient god and mortal weapons, lak powders, or god armours, he is willing to do whatever it takes to keep the beloved citizens of the world, his people, happy and content. The beastmaster with aspirations of ascending to the celestial class, was if nothing else a very interesting character. One day he was wandering around the continent contemplating life and his current situation when he stumbled upon nirvana.  It was with this discovery in mind that he too decided that he would change his appearance to more accurately reflect his “enlightened” celestial state of mind. Next came the Foema, now here was an interesting character.  Not as interesting as the Huntress can be, but it was clear that the Foema was one of the best candidates for the job.  She was traditional, which most people found strange, but she did not stand out only for her appearance, but for her knowledge.  She was very intelligent and as such people came from all over the continent, even nifleiheim, to talk with her.  The one weakness that the Foema had was that she was not very strong, she was wiser than anyone else, but she could not fight.  She did not believe in violence, she wanted only peace and solved all conflicts with that thought in mind.  Then finally we have the Huntress, a beautiful hunter wearing the full rake set that the gods bestowed upon her when she transcended her mortal life.  Like GM Helius amongst the GM’s, The Huntress was the strongest of the warriors due to the weapons bestowed upon her from the gods for her obedience to their principles.  So this was how the lives of the warriors began and it was the huntress who was destined to lead them.


Chapter 4 – The Tower of Retaliation

With man’s defeat, the Continent was thrown into an era of despair and pure evil. The once fertile lands were invaded by rampaging hordes and they mercilessly devoured every living creature they chanced upon. It was a ghoulish sight that foretold the terrible reign of terror. The once proud race of men was banished from the Continent and it seemed only death and destruction separated the earth from the heavens. The treacherous Harden had consummated his first plan and only the dream of setting foot on Hekhaloth lay on the horizon. Sensing another impending victory on the way, he immediately ordered the construction of a massive “Towers of Retaliation” to serve as a bridge and launching pad towards his grandiose goal of conquering the heavens.

The Trans Knight, a warrior of the divine order lead the battle against Harden and his creatures tanking along the front lines.  Sacrificing what little life they had to inflict greater damage on their enemies.  They were doing their best to protect the God’s altar and the people’s faith. Perhaps for this reason, their unshakable faith, that the Trans Knight derives his power and strength. The foema’s were in the far back behind the warriors due to their lack of combat skills and defense.  They were casting all the powers of nature possessed, using their arcane skills to devastate the lines of the enemies.  The beast master’s were shape-shifting,  harnessing the powers of the terrible beasts to fight evenly with the mightiest monsters of Harden’s army.  Whilst they were doing so they summoned all the creatures to which the gods have given to them at their disposal to aid the TK’s in their frontline battle.  Finally the Huntresses, many of which had been hiding in the shadows were sneaking threw enemy lines taking out the strongest and most powerful members of Harden’s army before they had a chance to attack the others.  A silent and deadly strike to her victims, ending their life in the blink of an eye. For after all the huntress is a brutally-efficient warrior of the highest degree.


Chapter 5 – The Dawn of a New Hope

Four hundred years of darkness, despair and destruction have passed. Four hundred years of constant fear and unending brutality. And then just as quickly as the light of the world was extinguished, a brave new breed of warriors stands ready to fan the flames of struggle and liberation. They claimed to have come from Armia and have hidden themselves with the hope or re-emerging to wage one final battle. These highly-trained and noble warriors represent the last great hope of mankind. They will do battle to the bitter end. The day of reckoning begins when you accept your pre-ordained Destiny…

 Having lost the battle, the four main warriors were resurrected in the forms of gods among the mortals. Their bodies underwent a mystical merging of the body and spirit in order to unleash the mysterious power that was sealed within.  They have the memories of their former body, but their transfigured spirit has escalated their power so much that they are able to grasp whatever power the desire. With this they chose to defeat the hyper-monster opening a door to another dimension showing them Harden’s Tower of Punishment.  With the runes they had collected throughout the desert dungeon and with the defeat of the hyper-monster to solve the secrets of the rune to undergo one final change. This change combined all the abilities of the soul and flesh of the former godly body making them more powerful and raising their skills in battle to a level that was unmatched by any.  They also received a heavenly cape granting them the power to lead all the people against Harden in the one final battle for their Destiny…



(All pictures and italic phrases courtesy of With Your Destiny Global Website (wyd.gamenetworks.com))


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