A New Friend

“I love you Kakorate18,” JLC whispered in his ear.

That was what she said last night as she came up behind him. Last night was the first night he had seen her in over 10 years. She was shorter than he, but still average height for a woman and slender, with medium length dark brown hair. As always, he found those brown eyes with a hint of grey. She was wearing a black firal guardian scale dress (+15 perfect map); in fact, it was the same dress he had given her for their two year anniversary. He had tried to forget what she had done, but nothing could replace the heartbreak he had felt. Then here she was, right in front of him, and he remembered everything. All the love. All the passion. All the hatred. He didn’t know what to say, what to feel, he could only stare. After a couple of minutes, seemingly an eternity, he got up and left, returning to his apartment.

It had been 12 years since someone had called him Kakorate18. Twelve years of PKKMaster. Twelve years of hiding his emotions. Twelve years of looking through life but never finding what he wanted. Twelve years of isolation. It had been 12 years of letting no one close, letting no one know what he was truly thinking.

“Why? Why now?” Kakorate18 thought. You see PKKMaster was not his real name. His real name was Kakorate18. “Why should I care? She betrayed me. Why do I still care? Do I care? If I don’t care why haven’t I moved on? I haven’t trusted anyone for so long, why should I trust her now?” With this thought Kakorate18 finished his breakfast and decided to clear his head by going for a ride. He put on his rake set (+15 dmg), which though years old, smelled of new material, dirt, and smoke, and left the room.

He went to the stable to get his lvl 50 fenrir, and turned out of armia towards the desert. Weaving in and out of mobs, his surroundings blurred around him as he fought for freedom. Hunters raced passed him as he pushed his fenrir to its limit. He didn’t worry about the mobs, they never bothered him. He enjoyed these rides. It’s not like anyone ever cared whether he lived or died, so why should he. These rides always cleared his mind, but this time he couldn’t stop thinking about the past and about her. He had given her everything, she was his first and last. Everyone says how hindsight is 20-20, and now he understood why. She had manipulated and used him to get what she wanted. He had loved her, and loathed her, but now he didn’t know what to think. Had he over reacted when he found out? Could it really have been a simple mistake, a slip up, and that “word” still held meaning between them? “No,” he thought. “I was right for leaving, if she had loved me as much as she said, then she would not have…” And then Kakorate18 realized that he had ridden 200 miles outside the city. He needed to get back before he tired out his fenrir too much.

Once back in town, Kakorate18 stopped by the new root shop, Roots’ Edible Herb Emporium, which had just opened. As he approached the door, he saw a box lying just outside the door and a sign which read “Free Wolf Puppies.” By now only one was left, a girl, who appeared to be sleeping. She was tiny and had a beautiful black and white coat. Kakorate18 wondered why someone would get rid of such a beautiful animal, but decided to think about it later as he walked into the slightly run down, hole in the wall store with the freshly painted sign. The owner immediately came up to greet him and asked him what he wanted, saying all the time that he was so excited about opening up this store and it was wonderful he already had his first customer. Kakorate18 told him he wanted the Unique Pack, a special pack containing the most powerful potion boosters known to man. All of a sudden the man stopped all his giggling and dancing and was very serious. “Are you sure that’s what you want?” he asked. “Yes,” Kakorate18 responded. Kakorate18 paid and left, paying the man no more attention. Once outside, Kakorate18 found the wolf puppy had awoken, climbed out of the box and was sitting next to his fenrir. The puppy just sat there looking at him with her beautiful blue eyes. The same color as his, but with more emotion. His were dead. He often heard people refer to his gaze as that of ice and death, lacking complete emotion. Kakorate18 carefully placed the puppy in his jacket, zipped it up, so she was not in danger of falling out and returned home.

Back in his room, he pulled out The Greatest Guild Wars, one of his favorite movies, from the rack under the magic box. He had given a lot of thought to naming the little wolf puppy and finally came up with Sasha. Sasha on the other hand was skittering around the room, still not able to walk completely, sniffing and biting everything she saw. He sat down on the couch and began to smoke. Sasha jumped up in his lap, curled into a ball, yawned, and went to sleep, while Kakorate18 began to watch the movie.


~ by kakorate18 on June 19, 2009.

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