The Beginning…

What day was it? Was it Saturday or Sunday? None of these questions truly mattered because Kakorate18 was long past caring, in fact he couldn’t remember the last time he truly cared about anything. It was 6:00 a.m. gmt according to his clock and the first rays of the sun began shooting over the horizon and through his window in the rundown armia guild zone.

Last night had been a long night, but not unlike many others, where he had gone down to the local tavern to find answers at the bottom of every glass. Something had been different. He remembered something that had seemed out of place last night at the bar, but what was it. It wasn’t the smell of the place, which by now had no distinct smell, having been covered by years of odors from various patrons, mounts, and food, unwilling to be washed away. It wasn’t the furniture of the tavern either, for it was all made out of wood, although for the first time in years there appeared to be some cleaning going on. Not that it mattered much by now anyways since the layers of grime could never be removed by now. In fact there wasn’t to much to find interesting or pleasant in the tavern except for the mind numbing drinks they served in large quantities.

By this time Kakorate18 was fully awake and began to get dressed for his morning hunt. He did not enjoy the company of people and so was glad to find a time when he could hunt without having to meet very many people. He hunted over several square miles moving from the desert to the snowfield.  Killing the toughest mobs known only to the elite warriors, the Dark Shadow (King of the Snowfield) and Rujeper Broken (King of the Desert). Around town he kept trying to remember what had been different about the night before, but at the same time he remembered a familiar feeling, one that he had tried to bury a long time ago.

Once Kakorate18 got back to his room he unlocked the door and headed two rooms over, straight to the shower. There was nothing fancy in his apartment, just a few paintings hanging from the walls, a magic projection box given to him by ElderFoema (which by now had lost most of its appeal), a table in the kitchen, and a few other pieces of furniture. He stepped into the hot shower glad to feel the pulsating heat from the shower head on his back and stepped out fully awake and refreshed. He went to the kitchen and fixed himself breakfast, but he didn’t feel like cooking so he made cereal. The wheat he had harvest outside of Erion town and the milk from the snow bears…a delicacy where he was from. Then it hit him. He remembered what had been so strange and yet so familiar the night before. He remembered seeing her…


~ by kakorate18 on June 18, 2009.

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  1. stole that title heading from my wordpress site btw..

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