I love WYD Global

Let’s see so I’m supposed to come up with 101 reasons (or something close to it) why I love playing WYD Global…this should be fun! XD

1.  It’s free!!!

2.  A place with it’s very own language. (ty, nvm, noob, pro, boxer, pk…etc)

3.  If you don’t like people in the game, you can just pk them

4.  Somewhere you can produce your own fashion trends by buying firals for coloring your armour.

5.  The only place where guilds have color dress codes. (SHIELD XD)

6.  A game in which you can summon different kind of monsters, like wolves and dragons.

7.  A place where everything is done with magic and skills, not technology.

8.  A world where you can be summoned or teleported to anywhere in the game.

9.  A place where you can transform into a werewolf or werebear at the click of a button

10.  A world where people will kill you for no other reason besides just showing how weak you are.

11.  Somewhere where orcs, dragons, and other monsters are a normal everyday sight.

12.  A place where monsters drop items, armor, and gold.

13.  A world where all weapons are legal wherever you go.

14.  Somewhere where you get stronger without lifting weights.

15.  Somewhere where you can seal people away and sell them for gold.

16.  A place where not only mystical and fantasy animals exist, but you can ride them too.

17.  You never bleed no matter how many times you get hit.

18.  You can heal yourself with potions at the click of a button, if you are afraid of dying.

19.  When you die, you just resurrect yourself or return back to town with no pain.

20.  A game where you can turn on cc mode and hunt all night without being on your computer.

21.  A place where when you hunt in cc mode, you can also level up your character along with making money.

22.  A place where people still where medieval armour.

23.  Somewhere you can resurrect people and animals.

24.  A system of banks where you can put all your items and never worry about losing them.

25.  A war system where the same people fight the same wars over the same things every week.

26.  A world that warns you when you enter into areas where other people can kill you. (You still go anyways)

27.  A game where you can do whatever you want and never have to pay a thing.

28.  You can add skill mastery points to make your skills stronger.

39.  There are 3 different skill types you can learn from which vary depending on what class.

30.  You can change your cape from red, to blue, to white, and back again for a small fee.

31. You can run multiple versions of WYD at the same time.

32.  All your characters on one account share the same cargo space.

33.  There is a griffin master that will lend you his griffin to go wherever you want…for free.

34.  You have the ability to listen to whatever you want to play the game.

35.  You can hide your chat bar so you don’t have to see people talk.

36.  There is no superior class, each one has it’s own strength and weaknesses.

37.  A world where ships never sail.

38.  A police system that throws you out immediately of  a town if you trespass in another guild’s zone.

39.  A world where killing people shows how strong you are.

40.  A world where witches, wizards, and demons run free.

41.  A system of taxes where you don’t pay anything unless you sell something to players or shops.

42.  A world where you can make millions everyday and still be poor.

43.  A world where no matter what, you never run out of arrows.

44.  Somewhere where people can go invisible to everyone.

45.  A world which is shut down for 4 hours every week.

46.  Where you don’t lose everything you are wearing when you die.

47.  Where you can shot and everyone will hear you.

48.  Where GM’s can do anything and actually do something with their power.

49.  Where you can evolve your mortal into a god, then a celestial, and then a soul character.

50.  A place where you can keep killing the same person over and over and they will keep coming back.

51.  You don’t have to eat food…ever.

52.  You can have up to 4 characters on each account.

53.  You can register up to three accounts.

54.  If you don’t want to go to war, you can get a white cape.

55.  Players decide their own prices for the tiems they sell in their shops.

56.  You can choose from a variety of camera angles to play from.

57.  You can name your character whatever you want…you can even change the name for a price.

58.  There are quests you can do, no matter what your level is.

59.  You can heal yourself without clicking any buttons. (CC mode healing)

60.  Quick and good answers from GM’s when you send in a Q & A report.

61.  Many different people and cultures play the game. 

62.  There are fast ways to level. (Water M + Box)

63.  You can choose how you want your character to look

64.  You can take screen shots.

65.  The last skills make you a lot stronger.

66.  There is a lot of strategy needed…not a button masher.

67.  There are very few scammers in the game because if they do…they get punished severely.

68.  You can set up an auto-trade system.

69.  There are a lot of constant in-game events with good prizes for those who participate.

70.  There are new updates every week which improve the game.

71.  There are fairies that prevent you from dying and can also increase the amount of experience you gain.

72.  You can become a citizen of any server you want.

73.  The server you become a citizen in, you get a bonus drop rate.

74.  To get a mount, you must first hatch and train it until it matures.

75.  You can save points in the game that will let you warp to them.

76.  There are skills that you can only get once you are a god. (Sephira)

77.  The WYD Global website is very informative and helpful.

78.  You can use the forum to post all the items you want to buy or sell.

79.  There are relatively cheap armors that are really strong. (Newbie Packs)

80.  You can make your weapons stronger by turning them into ancient and upgrading them.

81.  When you reach +9 on armors or weapons, you get a bonus stat increase.

82.  When you make armors or weapons more than +10, you can add 4 different options to them.

83.  The GM’s do their best to make everyone happy.

84.  Free items to help you when you start the game.

85.  You can make your character strong however you want by putting your stat points anywhere.

86.  You have a variety of characters to choose from. (Hunter, Transknight, Foema, Beastmaster)

87.  Really good 3-D Graphics

88.  Did I mention it’s free? XD.

89.  The game encourages teamwork and making friends. (Guilds, Academies, and Party System)


~ by kakorate18 on October 2, 2008.

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