My Blog…My Mechanics…My Rules (Season 3)

I’m not going to name any names, but there are a disturbing amount of people complaining about this blog event.  Now I know it’s a free world and we all have a right to say what we want to, but honestly, what could you possibly have to complain about.  We are now in the second month of the blogging event and I couldn’t be happier.  This is exactly the kind of event that the everyday gamer needs to be able to compete with people who spend money in-game to buy items.  Now don’t get me confused, I do not have anything against the people who spend money in-game, in fact I need them because without them, there would be no free game.  WYD got it right by keeping the entire game open to all players, they just make some things a little easier in terms of item acquisition and leveling when you spend money.  I’d much rather have it that way, than the entire game costing everyone money, or not being able to access certain parts fo the game if you can’t pay. (Runescape *cough cough*)  Plus not only is the entire game free, but we have the ability to buy w-coins from players who bought them with real money, so we might have the same befits.  So in that sense, the laks, armours, and weapons we get by doing a good job should be more than enough payment for our work.

On to my rules and thoughts on the next seasons blog.  Well there are a lot of opinions out there and they all have valid views and beliefs, but I am going to give you my thoughts.  We’ll start first with the rewards for the first two seasons, which are as follows:

Season 1:

Daily Winners – Will receive 3 laktorerium powders. (No restriction on number of daily winners, also an additional 2 laktorerium powders could be earned by outstanding daily entries)

Season Winners – Three winners of a +9 Ancient God Weapon (28% MAP/63 DMG) (Later changed to 10 winners)

Season 2:

Daily Winners – Up to 5 Most Outstanding Entries (10 laktorerium powders), Up to 5 Outstanding Blog Entries (5 laktorerium powders), all other entries Consolation Prize (5 ori powders)

Weekly Winners – Mortal or God Armor piece (perfect stat) and 20 laktorerium powders (Only 1 per topic)

Season Winners – 10 winners of +9 Ancient God Weapon or Mortal Weapon +200mil gold

Now to continue on my topic for possible season three rewards, I like the Daily Winner concept, you CM’s definitely made all of that worth while to blog every day.  To possibly make things more interesting though, maybe increasing number of weekly winners to three, keeping the winners of each journal topic at 1 each, but making a third winner for the best overall blog for that week.  When I say this I mean the most number of outstanding blogs for that week or if two people are tied for the most number of most outstanding blog entries for a given day, then pick based on your own criteria.  After all you are the head of the event.  Other than that, I would change the Season winners to 5 and offer 3 possible options to winners to choose from, +9 Ancient God Weapon/Mortal Weapon (Perfect Stats), +9 Mortal/God Armour (Perfect Stat), 50K w-coins.  (Sorry if my ideas are off, but I tried to think of three equivalent options in terms of in-game value.  I think this is about right)  Also I have one more suggestion, but this time it’s for the CM’s.  Maybe in Season 3 or on the WYD Global website, having weekly or monthly guaranteed content polls, where you ask a question about what the players want and we all vote on it.  The concept with the most votes gets put in the game at the next version update.  Another possibility is doing the same thing, but instead of putting it on the WYD website, have a weekly topic where we suggest possible updates in-game and you pick out the best ones that you and your boss agree on, then we vote. XD Other than that I love the event CM’s keep it up, but I would request a break every now and then in between seasons so we can get a breather maybe?  Thanks again as always.


~ by kakorate18 on September 30, 2008.

One Response to “My Blog…My Mechanics…My Rules (Season 3)”

  1. I agree on everything you said…the problem isn’t that the event sucks it’s that they actually changed the rules after like 2 weeks of hard bloging, people were blogging daily and they went like sorry people but we are taking off the stats :S i mean it’s still good and all but you can’t put down the feeling that they kinda scammed us…

    Anyway If you were here in season won you would have definetily have won and if you have won the ancnt wep with stats you would know its “taste” ( and freaking value!! ) then you would definitely understand what i am talking about 😉

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