You Know You’re Addicted to WYD Global When

This is my list of things which would be warning signs to anyone who is possibly facing an addiction problem to WYD Global.  Please if you are experiencing any of these symptoms, go see a doctor or a professional immediately…XD jk hope you enjoy


In-Game Signs

1.  When you go from server to server messaging a player even though you know they are probably not on.

2.  When you have a favorite hunting spot you go to every time in-game to turn on your C. C. Hunting mode.

3.  When you check the game every couple of hours to see if your inventory is full from hunting

4. When you know the exact url to the WYD Global drop site by heart. Drop List

5.  When you constantly spam the kingdom chat asking to buy an item you know no one is selling, but you do it anyways thinking you might get lucky.

6.  When you get pissed off and cuss people out who afk PK you when you have been hunting.


7.  When you have to spend 10-15 laks just trying to level one armour, accessory, or weapon from +8 to +9 cursing the game and threatening to quit after every failure. (You never do)

8.  When you spend millions of gold trying to figure out the money cube system only to have 0 gold by the end because there is no system and you didn’t know when to stop. (Sorry Cooldude)

9.  When you use shouts for public flamming telling people how much you hate other players.


10.  When you turn yourself into an in-game merchant. (An example would be buying lak scraps then compounding them into lak powders before selling them for a big profit.)

11.  When you are familiar with all in-game langauge and abbreviations. (ex. SF, KW, GW, SW, Water Share, Graduate, Academy, Guild, PK, CM, GM, Server Maintenance)

12.  When you check the WYD Global Site and the CM Reflection site 15-20 times a day checking for more updates.

Real Life Signs

1.  You ignore your girlfriend/boyfriend because you are having a conversation with your guild mates.

2.  When you wake up in the morning and the first thing you do is see how many items you have sold in your shop account.

3.  When you try and get your girlfriend/boyfriend or relatives to play with you in-game. (You tell them they will really enjoy it, but what you really want them to do is help you hunt and sell)

4.  When you give up three hours of your life everyday to be an academy operator. (Especially if that means getting up in the middle of the night or really early in the morning to do your shift)

5.  When you actually spend real money to buy w-coins. (Not that I am complaining because I buy w-coins from them. XD)

6.  When you are a new player who joins an academy and then you live your life so you can be on during every share that your academy does until you graduate.

7.  When you have plans with someone, but right before you leave you see a water m share back 2o oou call your friend and push the meeting back 2 hours.

8.    When you never let anyone use your computer or shut it down when the game is running because you are currently hunting with C. C. Mode.

9.    When you get angry if you find out you were logged out of the game after you get home due to server maintenance or a bad Internet connection.

10.    When your parents notice you don’t go out with your friends anymore, you just sit in front of a computer all day and night.


What could happen one day if you play to many video games...

What could happen one day if you play to many video games...


~ by kakorate18 on September 19, 2008.

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