Favorite CM vs GM (Part 2 of 2)

So the gods had appointed GM Helius as leader amongst the other GM’s.  After 400 years, the continent grew restless once again.  Harden and Nesses were gathering strength and numbers to form their final assault on the citizens of the world in an effort to finally throw the world into complete darkness and despair.  As such the gods were calling more and more GM’s to defend the final bastion against these evil monsters.  It came to the point where GM, Helius, the strongest of all the GM’s, was the only one left defending the mortal kingdoms of Hekalotia and Akeronia.  Even though Helius had the power and strength to defend the people from the evil forces of Harden, she did not have the power to be in every place at once.  Whether it be helping the citizens of the world or trying to defend the towns from multiple attacks, she was getting tired.  So the gods took pity on her and gave her the power to choose four brave warriors to assist her in the final preparations for the warriors of the world.  These citizens were known as Dhar, Tonberry, Aruman, and Nyx.  The gods, after testing the worthiness of Helius choices, appointed these brave souls to the posts of CM’s, also known as Community Managers to the mortals.

CM Dhar, a giant pink samurai cat, was strong of skill and mind.  In his own words, “I am the most talented, sophisticated and exceptional right hand of the Divine Angels of WYD and also the messenger of the Great Scholar’s of Khersup.” (Full of yourself much Dhar? XD) He would do whatever he could to help his fellow citizens in the struggle to become the best.  After all he had once been a part of them and so he wanted to do everything in his power to make sure they remained happy. (Although it appears they turn their backs on you when you least expect it.)  Even if that means giving away his stash of ancient god and mortal weapons, lak powders, or god armours, he is willing to do whatever it takes to keep the beloved citizens of the world, his people, happy and content.  Since Dhar’s original transformation when he was appointed by the gods, he has decided to change his appearance…for this, the gods were angry with him.  So in exchange for the ability to change his appearance, the gods exacted a toll requiring Dhar to remain with the mortals.  CM Aruman, a transknight with  asperations of ascending to the celestial class, was if nothing  else a very interesting character.  One day he was wandering around the continent contemplating life and his current situation when he stumbled upon nirvana.  It was with this discovery in mind that he too decided that he would change his appearance to more accurately reflect his “enlightened” (possibly a bit crazy) mind.  He was also required to make a sacrfice to the gods so that he would be allowed to change his appearance, so he voluntered to be a wanderer around the land helping those he came across and brightening everyone’s day with a dance he had discovered with the giant branch.  So we now seem dressed as some combination of things holding a giant tree branch.  One can only imagine the nirvana we could reach if we had Aruman’s mind. 😉 Next came CM Nyx, now here was an interesting character.  Not interesting as interesting as Aruman can be, but it was clear that Nyx was one of the best candidates for the job.  She was traditional, which most people found strange, but she did not stand out only for her appearance, but for her knowledge.  She was very intelligent and as such people came from all over the continent, even nifleiheim, to talk with her.  The one weakness that Nyx had was that she was not very strong, she was wiser than anyone else, but she could not fight.  She did not believe in violence, she wanted only peace and solved all conflicts with that thought in mind.  Then finally we have CM Tonbarry, a beautiful hunter wearing the full rake set that the gods bestowed upon her when she transcended her mortal life.  Like GM Helius amongst the GM’s, CM Tonbarry was the strongest of the CM’s due to the weapons bestowed upon her from the gods for her obedience to their principles.  So this was how the lives of the CM’s began and it was CM Tonbarry who was destined to lead them.

The gods having bestowed some of the strongest heavenly weapons upon CM Tonbarry and GM Helius sent them to defeat a new menace threatening the world.  This evil presence was known as Kephra, a monster sent by Harden to destroy civilization as they knew it.  They arrived at Kephra’s dungeon with death and decay at the door…countless warriors lay slain just outside the dungeon entrance.  When they entered they were immediately assaulted by Harden’s evil powers…their immortality stripped away.  With Kephra looming just around the corner, they knew that they would not be able to defeat this insidious monster by themselves without the help of their immortality, even with the favoritism showed on them by the gods.  So they left and began to assemble the strongest warriors of the world to help them in their final assault upon Kephra.  So every week, the battle to slay Kephra begins again…

CM Tonbarry and her beautiful Uni in a sea of pink trees

CM Tonbarry and her beautiful Uni in a sea of pink trees

The giant samurai cat was better XD

The giant samurai cat was better XD

CM Aruman's new look???

CM Aruman's new look???












The three CM's with their original avatars (Tonbarry not present)

Three of four CM's with their original avatars (CM Tonbarry not present)



Thank you all for reading my story of how the best CM and GM were chosen (Part 1 click here).  I am sorry if this offended any of the CM’s or GM’s who might read this, I do not intend to start any fights over this, I just think people would enjoy a story behind why you were all created to begin with and who might be the best amongst you. (Especially you CM Dhar, I still love you, but I figured most players would choose you as their favorite CM so I wanted to make the other CM’s feel proud of what they are doing, besides I’m a hunter and I love Tonbarry’s character)  You all do a great job…thanks for the great events and service you all provide.

(Disclaimer: I do not take credit for any of these pictures, just the story.  All these pictures can be found either on CM Dhar’s Personal Blog or on the CM Lair, unless otherwise noted.  I do not attend to say any CM or GM is bad, and I’m sorry if I offend anyone because I am biased in who I like.  These stories are purely fictional and are for your enjoyment.)


~ by kakorate18 on September 13, 2008.

6 Responses to “Favorite CM vs GM (Part 2 of 2)”

  1. I enjoyed it.. anyway i already made my third make over and tonbarry is a foema!

  2. zzz…stop with the make overs lol and if tonbarry is a foema then why does she wear a rake set?

  3. yes i have new look
    how was it =]

    this is nice blog lol

  4. nothing is impossibe for CM’s and GM’s xD

  5. she didnt wear a rake set.. she wears nothing XD just a naked foema

  6. You are correct, nothing is impossible for CM’s or GM’s. Hm…to you Aruman, you’re new look is interesting…to say the least. XD To you Dhar, I feel so disappointed and let down now…I thought she was a hunter wearing full rake. *sigh* Oh well I guess a naked foema isn’t that much worse. XD

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