What to Expect in Season 2!

Don’t tell the CM’s this (unless it will help me win this event topic of course XD) but I really want to win that god armour this week not to mention the 20 lak powders. hehe Of course I do, I mean who wouldn’t especially if you won one of the anct +9 god weapons. If you were one of those lucky 10 winners, you now have a chance to not only perfect your set but you have the ability to make one of the most revered sets in WYD.  The perfect set is what every player hopes to have some day, but to have a perfect god set and a perfect +9 anct god weapon?  That’s enough hardware there to make even the most seasoned hardcore gamer shake with excitement.  Here is what makes it even better.  With the amount of ori and lak powders you can win, you should easily be able to make the most undeniably perfect full +9 sets.  Even with the most recent Episode update to The Aftermath, which increase how much you can upgrade your equipment, this set would still be desired by even the most senior pro gamers.  Well enough with my discussion of how great it would be if i won, I need to actually put forth a strong effort greater than all other bloggers to now attempt to win this weekly topic.

Well where should I begin?  How about I discuss with you the life of Kakorate18, one of the noblest hunters in all WYD?  This you may think might be boring, or worse, but I can assure you that it is far from it.  How can I be so sure you ask?  Well i have already won both the Oustanding Blog Entries of the Day for the day with part 3 of my story, The Pursuance of Immortality, and the Daily Winner with part 1 of my story, The Beginning, so if the CM’s are impressed with it, you will probably like it too.  Not only am I writing this in cooperation with competition, but I am also giving you insight into my character and how it has developed.  You might learn things which you may not have already known about the game or you may pick up some hints and tricks to hunting and leveling up.

I originally picked this idea up from Soloran’s Blog where the concept of debating aspects of the game or discussing new ideas for possible updates was originally put forth.  Since then I have created one such post within my blog (Debate), but now I hope to create much more discussion within the big bloggers for the game that we might see some changes or at least inspire some thought from other players.  In this same category I will be sure to discuss all new and upcoming events being hosted within the game or by the CM’s to analyze the requirements and rewards for the completion of these quests.

Like the changing of the seasons, except with slightly more frequency, we have the Server Maintenance which occurs at 4:40-8:00 in-game time every Tuesday (Monday US-time).  With each server maintenance comes new updates to the game.  Whether it be graphics improvement, new game features, or new events, there is always something new to talk about.  With this added free time I will also attempt to re-start the weekly news report, focusing mainly on the guilds holding power on each server.  What towns they hold, who challenges for control of a town, the winners every week, and the approximate amount of money brought in through taxes.

Last but not least, I will also be holding several interviews with the in-game greats.  I can’t reveal their names right now because that would spoil the surprise, but I guarantee that you will enjoy these interviews.  Who knows you may even know the player personally.  Anyways I hope you will all love my blog you want, especially the debates.  Happy blogging and may all your characters prosper in their hunting and fights.


Hopefully my hunter will look something like this after the event ends.

Hopefully my hunter will look something like this after the event ends.


~ by kakorate18 on September 8, 2008.

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