Reflection on Season One

Season 1 has come to an end and there are a variety of newcomers to Season 2 that appear to want those anct god weapons, not to mentino any of the daily prizes or the 200 mil that comes along with winning the eventb.  So I would like to take a few minutes, or a little bit longer to talk with you about the winners of season 1.  They were not the only bloggers who participated in season 1, but they were the best.  So here we are with the review of the top 10 bloggers from season 1.


Now we are going to start the discussion of bloggers with one of the most active  Cooldude21 who at the time this blog event first started, was very hesitant and shy in their posts, but gradually became more and more open with what they had to say.  In fact there were quite a few of new and original ideas which I found impressive in the blog, from the comparrison of SD and WYD to several debate topics.  Appears to be very wise of the powers and faults of the infamous money cube. XD Likes traveling around in-game taking screenshots of things going on. (See link above) Comes up with very creative stories about in-game adventures and bounty hunting.











~ by kakorate18 on September 7, 2008.

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