The Pursuance of Immortality (Part 3 of 5)

So here I was at the level of 200 and I am finally allowed to join the m shares of my guild that I had been looking forward to for so long.  Because of my relatively low level though I did not have the money to pay for my part into the share.  Thankfully, KillerKiller, Manolo, was kind enough to cover my portion of the share for me.  So here I was, entering into my first water m share and it was amazing.  i have never seen so much experience in a short period of time before or since that first share I did with KillerKiller and ONRPG.  I gained 105 levels in just a few hours where the experience never dropped below 100,000.  So after this wonderful experience I was left pondering what to do next.  I looked at the Quest possibilities and was horrified to find out I had passed the ability to +6 my armor (this being before they extended the time you had to do that quest) through the Gargoyle’s Molar Tooth. So I was left with an interesting dilemma of what to do next.  Thankfully I had a friend coming up through the academy system who was kind enough to do it for me.

Now I began a new journey, if you could call it that, into a new process of the game.  Now I was no longer able to level up by killing mobs.  I was now forced to hunt them for their drops which I would then sell to make money.  After a lot of C.C. Mode hunting and multiple system updates I finally had enough money to buy more water m’s to enter another 40 m share.  This share got me past the second dreaded level of 350 to a good level of 356.  So I was off to my newly founded routine of hunting, except now I could move on to bigger and better mobs.  So in a slightly shorter, but still long amount of time I was able to save up enough money to join another m share., but this time it was only a 30, but I still had one extra which turned out to be good considering this share only got me to level 392.  Thankfully I was able to quickly buy one more scroll through the selling of some of my items so I was able to quickly jump into a short 20 m share to put me at the final level of 400.

Now the long journey to the creation of the immortal god began. (To Find Eternal Life and To a New Beginning) I hunted for months and months to raise the money I needed.  This became harder since I decided to purchase a full region set to upgrade to +6 so I could replace my +6 gold curve web set.  During this period ONRPG evolved into Rock, which eventually fell apart.  KillerKiller became so polarizing a player he became a new player known now as iAmNameless (I believe).  I left ONRPG and joined the ISA guild on server 4 which fell apart shortly there after and Thor was then created, which I eagerly joined.  During this time an event known as Test of Champions began which gave a god pack to the winner which I had so eagerly desired for some time now, so I decided to form a team to join.  During this time the strongest of Thor had formed Ironcross which dominated shortly before falling apart again.  During this time I had also come to realize how weak I was compared to other level 400 mortals, and ZeusX, a good friend, told me of what I could do to increase my low defence.  He told me to buy a warrior seal so I could upgrade my cape.  After I had done this I was finally able to hunt in the underworld and had a defence rating to be proud of.

During this time, the Test of Champions event had ended and prizes were handed out. (To read what happened read my previous entry Prize).  With the prize of 50 lak powders for participating I was finally able to purchase my god pack.

To be continued with the god chronicles…

~ by kakorate18 on September 6, 2008.

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