The Re-Birth of Kakorate18 (Part 2 of 5)

My hunter was reborn into a new world.  One which was oddly familiar, yet completely different at the same time.  The monsters looked the same, but they had different names, and so did the weapons and armour for that matter.  I began my journey by clicking on the flashing new quest icon at the bottom of my screen and was shown the path I must follow to reach immortality.  So I endeavored to complete this new task I had been given. (Training Camp) It took me some time, but I was eventually able to challenge and defeat the boss with the help of other new players whom I had created a party with.  So after I had reached level 35 I was finally expelled from the quest area and was left to roam aimlessly around the town of Armia.

I had not been wandering long between the many player owned shops which had been set up before I saw a lot of people gathered around one person asking for a water party.  Now I knew of something like this from SD and I thought it would be worth my time to look into these water parties.  Something else I had noticed during this time was a little symbol that was right next to all of their names.  I found all of this very interesting so I decided to ask the player who seemed to be in charge (being that everyone was crowded around them), what was the water party and what were those symbols next to everyone’s head.  The leader was kind enough to tell me everything I needed to know about the game.

He told me of the military academies and how they were designed to help all the new players to the game through various tips and tricks, along with several designated water n sessions where the party leaders would take their academy members for a number of high experience provided by the GM’s.  He also said that the symbols were used to denote what academy or guild you were in.  So I asked them if I could join and they were kind enough to send my name in and that’s how I came to join Omni.  Well everything was great for about a week and I reached a great level of 175 when I decided to join ONRPG because of the great things they said they could offer, well it turns out that after I left Omni and joined ONRPG I still had to do a lot to qualify for these things that they told me about.  I needed at least a level of 200 before I could join their boxed m shares that the leader, KillerKiller, provided for the members.  So it was a very long and tedious task to level myself up to 200 because my armour was not the best in the world and the Dark Knight quest bosses hit me very hard, so I had to hit and run, which took even longer.  Plus I had to buy tickets to get into the area, but Mukaba, a fellow guild member, was kind enough to give me some money so I could buy the final tickets I needed.  So now I was finally able to join the water m shares I had so desperately wanted…

To be continued…


~ by kakorate18 on September 4, 2008.

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