The Beginning (Part 1 of 5)

This is the story of how Kakorate18 came to be…

It was the month of December of the year 2007 and frost had just recently begun to form on the windows of horses manes and armour and weapon alike were being buried in snow.  Supreme Destiny was on its last legs…refusing to quit, yet many of the players had seen the end near.  As a result, there were very few players left continuing to play on-line and the game was being crushed through the total dominance of the iAM guild.  I had two mortal characters around the same level of 275, a hunter (Kakorate18) and a beastmaster (UnGodly1).  At this point in time, I myself had come to realize that SD was doomed to eventually fail, which it did sometime shortly after their Christmas Event.

With this thought in mind, I began searching for a new MMORPG which could satiate my thirst for a good game.  After all, SD was a great game/concept and I, for one, was very sad to see it go.  One day soon after, I came across another game which, if I didn’t know any better, looked very similar to SD called WYD Global.  I was so excited because I really enjoyed the MMO concept but preferred it to be mostly free to all users (I am cheap I know XD), with the ability to buy items if you so choose, but at the same time not require the investment of money in the game to enhance the experience of the game itself by opening up other areas previously inaccessible.  (As a side-note Runescape, Guinness World Record holder for most popular MMORPG, does an awful job of this with nearly 2/3 of the game requiring a monthly membership to access it.)

After I took about 5-10 minutes signing up and downloading WYD, I entered into a new realm I had never seen before with the highest hopes one could have.  And so Kakorate18 was born again.

To be continued…


~ by kakorate18 on September 3, 2008.

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