Season One

Well, the first season of blog posting has come to an end for the WYD community and I would like to take this moment to congratulate my fellow WYDians on their outstanding blogs.  I have already congratulated some of you that I could find in-game on winning season one, but to all those I haven’t…I really enjoyed reading your blogs.

I would like to take a moment to reflect on season two before we begin, now I for one will admit that I did try and abuse the system by setting up a blog account through one of my subs, but I only attempted one post early on and decided that it was unfair to everyone else that I would try to do this. (It helped that I couldn’t get away with it either) 😉 lol.  With the second season I would like to urge the CM’s to make sure there are people who don’t abuse the system.  As a result of the increase in the quality of the prizes, I think there could be a large increase in fake accounts.  Although this will probably be stemmed as a result of the limited number of winners because there can only be so many quality posts that are worthy of recognition.  Once again CM’s I would like to congratulate you on the tremendous job that you all are doing with this event…It was a fantastic idea.

As always I wish you all good luck and happy hunting.  I can’t wait to read your blogs and thoughts about in-game features in this season’s competition.


~ by kakorate18 on September 1, 2008.

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