Everyone knows about the academies there are in game.  What most people didn’t know was there were only 2 academies per server before the massive creation of all the major in-game country academies.  This has been quite helpful to most players because of the overwhelming positive response that the original academies were getting.  In fact they were having to make at least two parties (26 people) and still had people asking for parties.  I know that some academies now, such as the American academy still need two parties, but for most countries there are quite content with what they have.  The greatest part about the academies is how much they are able to help newer players level up.  The 15 water N’s that are done every 3 hours can help you level from 1-200 in as little as 4 sessions, maybe even less if you have some rich players in the academy who are able to box the water N’s.  Not only can you level fast and have a rich and helpful gaming experience along with your academy friends, you can also compete in the Academy league, held three times a week.  The winners gain a large amount of experience (about 50 levels worth of experience depending on your level), along with winning one lak powder and it is a great way to show your support or your fellow WYDians.  So go out and enjoy the academies while you can, they are only open to mortal players below 370.  Good luck and Happy Hunting!


~ by kakorate18 on August 10, 2008.

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