In-Game Prices

This will be updated every 2 weeks or so…keep checking back.  Feel free to give me more items you would like to see the prices of.  Remember these are approxiamate fair market value and what most people/shops sell them for, if you can get more for them, then you have won the game.  Happy Selling 🙂

Ori Scrap – 80k

Lak Scrap – 300k

Ori Powder – 1.1 mil

Lak Powder – 3.5-4 mil

Sapphire – 500k

Noob Sets (Any Class/Type) – 20-25 mil

Quest Tickets

Gravekeeper’s Candle – 30k

Gardner’s Crops – 100k

A Scout’s Healing Potion – 125-150k

A Scout’s Mana Potion – 200k

Guard’s Emblem – 200-250k


This list can be used with great effectiveness along with the drop list link I have on the site, to find areas to hunt and quickly make money in-game when your funds are low. Good Luck


~ by kakorate18 on August 9, 2008.

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