Test of Champions

As you know there was a recent event called the test of champions and the winners of the mortal event received a god pack and perfect (le) set of their choice now I put together a team that I thought would be one of the best when it came to having an opportunity to win the event.  When the time of the event came I was very disappointed to find myself the only one who showed up for our team’s match.  I was the team leader, but unfortunately none of my members, which had promised to be there, showed up.  After not hearing from any of the members for a month after our match was scheduled, theystart pming me non-stopasking for “their share” of the 50 laks from our team winningin the raffle for the event.  Now tell me what did theydo to earn this prize…they never even showed up.  In fact they were not on very much either, except after they found out they could get free laks without working.  Why should I? I needed that god pack to make a god and I used their share to pay for it.  The raffle was still apart of the event so why should I listen to their threats when if it wasn’t for me they would never have their names on the list but now they are complaining to gm’s to make me give them to me.  GM’s even closed my account for a couple hours for no reason at all…or at least none that they provided to me…still haven’t messaged me either.  Now there was no rule saying the laks had to be given to other team members, so I broke no rules.  I don’t see anything I may have done wrong considering that it was up to me whether or not I should have given earn them, why should they get them?  How can GM fault me it was not against the rules…they had a verbal contract with me and they broke it.  So they get nothing…don’t you think that’s fair between players?

What do you think?  Would you do something differently?


~ by kakorate18 on August 5, 2008.

2 Responses to “Test of Champions”

  1. What you did was right dude! Why should they get anything when they didn’t show up. Gratz on your new god. Peace.

  2. […] Champions event had ended and prizes were handed out. (To read what happened read my previous entry Prize).  With the prize of 50 lak powders for participating I was finally able to purchase my god […]

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