Sorry for the absence in the blogs the past few days, but I have been on vacation. XD  I would like to tell everyone that my biggest in-game achievement and adventure has come to a close and I am now opening up a new chapter in my gaming experience.  That’s right…I have finally created the god character that each of us newer players and mortals so desperately desires.  Upon doing so I received congratulations from many members of my guild Thor (sorry I had to make a plug for our guild XD…it is a great guild for mortal players, ARrOgAnT is the leader)  along with many congratulations who just saw my newly, unarmoured hunter walking around.  Yes, after buying the god pack, I do not have enough money to buy a hunter noob set…so I am forced to gradually work my way up hunting weaker monsters. (Thank goodness for the cc mode lol)

Hope everyone is doing well…keep going strong in your blogs and in-game, perhaps one day we too can be like the greats in the rankings like timid.



~ by kakorate18 on August 4, 2008.

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