Throughout With Your Destiny there have been many different ways to make money.  The easiest way is to hunt; however, what people hunt has changed because of the updates and with the levels they reach.  Once upon a time about six months ago, new and mid-upper level players would hunt sapphires to then sell in shops.  Then when quest tickets were created they began being sold in shops, and then they were sold by aki, but now we have gone back to a stable economy where people must work hard.  The most preductive way to make money now is to hunt quest entrance tickets and then sell them in your shops.  However as you may or may not know, as people level up and get better armour and defence they are able to hunt stronger monsters.  The preferred afk hunts are the desert monsters like tarons and spiders because they have a higher drop rate or lak powders.  Keep this in mind as you go throw your growth in game.

As an added bonus here is the link to a website that will show you the drops of every monster in game along with what monsters drop any items you want to know:


~ by kakorate18 on August 1, 2008.

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